Types of rooms

This is an overview of the types of rooms at the Villa Billerud. Room location and style may vary, the picture is Naturally only an example if there are more of the same type.

Single Rooms

Number of beds: 

Like all other rooms the single rooms are uniquely decorated and have TV, wireless Internet, private toilet and shower. Some also have a refrigerator and water boiler.

Double rooms

Number of beds: 

Each room is uniquely decorated and come in both the main house and annexe. Each room include television, toilet and shower or bath. As a rule, there is also a desk, water boiler and fridge. One of the rooms include a large balcony and this room is usually also used as a bridal suite

Price a night, including sheets: 
1 125 kr

Family rooms

Number of beds: 

Family rooms consist of two rooms and is designed for 4 people. The two rooms usually have a shared toilet and shower / tub. Like the other rooms they have TV and wireless internet, and often even a desk. Some rooms also include refrigerator and water boiler.

Västra Annexet

Number of beds: 

Västra Annexet is an apartment with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and laundry. The apartment is 120m2. There are 5 beds in the bedrooms.
A big garden with garden furniture is situated on the back. The kitchen contains a stove, refrigerator, freezer and one microwave owen. Internet is available (WiFi).

Price a night, including sheets: 
2 745 kr