All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK)

Prices per night

With bed linen and breakfast
Single room Night 1: 950
Night 2-6: 875
Double room Night 1: 1250
Night 2-6: 1125
Family room Night 1: 2100
Night 2-6: 1800
Single room, big house Night 1: 1425
Night 2-6: 1350
Double room, big house Night 1: 1495
Night 2-6: 1345
Extra bed 350
Västra Annexet Nigth 1: 2745
Night 2-6: 2370
Västra Annexet without breakfast Nigth 1: 2245
Night 2-6: 1870
Breakfast: 110
Breakfast, children up to 7 years: 70
Breakfast, children up to 2 years: 0
Balcony (room no 12): 200

Prices per week

With bed linen and breakfast
Single room 5325
Double room 6750
Family room 11100
Västra Annexet 14595
Västra Annexet without breakfast 11595

Västra annexet

Västra Annexet is an apartment with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and laundry. There are 5 beds in the bedrooms.
A big garden with garden furniture is situated on the back. The kitchen contains a stove, refrigerator, freezer and one microwave owen. Internet is available (WiFi).

Prices for the entire annex

The annex contains 4 double rooms and 3 single rooms, all with shower and toilet in the room, conference room/living room with fireplace and kitchen. Large table for approx. 15 meals. Patios with BBQ facilities. Access to large green areas for possible activities such as boule, baseball, etc. also bathing Jetty, and fishing. When you have the entire annex the Grillhouse can be included as well. But it must be used only after agreement.

Total price Per person
1 day, with bed linen and breakfast: 8050 732
Whole week, with bed linen and breakfast: 48300 4390

Prices for the Grillhouse

The Grillhouse, which accommodates 12-15 people, must be booked in advance and may only be used after agreement. Also applies in connection with renting the entire annex, when it is included in the price.

Grillhouse: 1000

bastu 700