StorJohans första bil
Uppvakning på födelsedagen

1904 The first house was built for James G. Calvert, who was then a new manager for Billeud Company Limited. The house was a huge wooden building, standing at the same location as the existing house. It was at that time called the Calvert Villa and it was during this time that the Annex was built which still remains in use.

1907 Christian Storjohann moved in and became the manager at Billerud AB. He came from Bergen in Norway, and began his career as an agriculture student at Remmene farm in Värmlands Bro. After having trained in agriculture and been a tenant, he was employed at Hilldringsbergs yard. There he got a foot in the pulp industry.

Christian Storjohann, commonly known as Storjohann (=Big John), had great significance in Billerud history. During his 40 years as manager, Billerud AB expanded to dispose of no less than 13 mills in Värmland.

Here at Villa Billerud there were three full-time gardeners employed, a private chauffeur and several furniture maids. It is said that Storjohann was very economical. During his time at Villa Billerud nothing was maintained on the buildings so the house became outdated and in poor condition. When the new manager took his wife here, she cried when she saw the house. At that time, money was not a problem in the company so the board decided to demolish the old house and build a new one.

1959 the new Villa Billerud had been built! The house is very luxurious and generously built - marble floors, oak parquet and exclusive bathrooms that still stands. Villa Billerud served as the manager's residence until 1986 when the house was converted into offices for Billerud forest management.

2004 the current owner Ann-Marie Fernlöf moved in. She also operates Klaraborg in Borgvik. The property consists of 9 hectares of land, 1.5 hectares of water, 800 m beach, tennis court etc. The big house is 1030 m2 and the annex is 460 m2.

The house has been renovated and adapted for use as hotel and guesthouse. Part of the building is used for private housing. Today there are 12 rooms with space for approx. 23 people. The large house has five guest rooms, there are also lounges, breakfast room and conference rooms.